Who Are You To Say You Can't?

How often do you definitely say “I can’t”? 

Not in a, “Sorry, I can’t make it tonight” kind of way, but a “I can’t do a pull-up” or even “there’s no way I can finish that”.

Do you even realize you are doing it?

Do you realize that you are putting false limitations upon yourself?

The questions shouldn't even be “what if I can?”.

The questions should be:

“How can I make it happen?” 

“What do I need to do to make it happen?” 

Because, here’s the thing, you can do a pull-up! You can run a sub 7 minute mile! All it takes is commitment and work. You are holding yourself back so that instead of being disappointed you are allowing yourself to be less than you can be.

There are no limitations to what we can achieve. Look around, you will see 80+ year olds running marathons, 70+ doing pull-ups (and muscle-Ups), individuals with Multiple Sclerosis pushing back barriers, and soldiers (and others) doing incredible things as amputees.

The word can’t does not exist to these people, and it shouldn’t to you. There is nothing to gain from saying I can’t and everything to gain from trying and failing. Fail early, fail often, fail as much as you possibly can. Because failing means you are trying. Failing means you will one day fail no more. 

Remember this, Nothing that you can currently do well, could you do the first time that you tried it.

There is no benefit to ‘can’t’. There is no upside. So the next time you think you can’t, stand up and prove to yourself that you can.


Movement is something the majority of us do every single day of our lives. We take it for granted when we can get out of bed in the morning, when we walk downstairs and make coffee. But what is movement really? and are we truly in control of our bodies movement?

The video link below is a small insight into the world of Ido Portal, a movement specialist from Israel. The passion and understanding that Ido shows in just this short 6 minute video is enough to make me want to walk around in a handstand all day. If only it were that simple! 

One of the main quotes that I take away when I watch this video, and believe me I watch it often, is:

"If you cannot move your body or control it...Then what business do you have moving other objects?"

What a true statement! If we cannot control our bodies and make them do what we want to do then what right do we have to think we can snatch 300 lb. We (myself definitely included) should all focus on our movement patterns more, on controlling our bodies, and most importantly, enjoying the movements that we can perform with our bodies. If we are not working on mobility then we must begin doing so. This doesn't have to be boring, look at Ido in his video and see how he bounds, how he enjoys and expresses himself through movement whilst at the same time working his mobility. Maybe we will never be able to do deficit freestanding handstands on a box as Ido does, but we can all go a long way to improving our movement patterns before we start trying to move other objects around.

So to answer my question, what is movement? Movement is an expression of yourself as a person. Think about it, when you see someone on the street hunched over, head down, you make a determination that that person is sad or in some form of distress. On the other hand if a person is bounding or skipping down the street you have the perception that this is a happy person. Every time we move we express ourselves, for better or for worse, and as long as we are capable we move every day. So we should work to make our movements as incredible as possible, and as enjoyable as possible.

Ask yourself the question, are you really in control of your bodies movements or do you just move the same way as you always have, without a thought of improvement?

As Ido says at the end of his video "use it, or your gonna lose it!"

-Two Girls, A Guy, and a CrossFit Box 

Running as a Skill

I mentioned on our Twitter page (@CFitBearden) last week about running been technique based and therefore in need of been practiced. I see people crushing workouts all the time until it comes to the run and they they fall apart.

As a former soccer player I am fortunate to have a good engine, I can keep going and push through a lot of things, but I hope people do not mistake this for lack of self critiquing and working on my running technique. This is something everybody should be working on. I know we all love adding 5-10 lbs on to our snatch PR, but we should equally love fixing our bad running technique.

If you are the type of person that hates running and wants to skip the workout when you see running in it then I cannot promise that fixing your technique will improve your desire to run, but I can promise you that if you improve your running technique that you will improve your times.

The thing is it really isn't that hard to correct most problems people have, it is more just a need to focus on the points that will improve performance. To put it simply running is just falling forward and catching yourself at speed, but broken down there are a few key signs to look out for.

1. Check your gate- You do not want a gate (stride) that is too long as if you are reaching out in front with your foot overtime you hit the ground you are creating a backward momentum and therefore you are fighting against yourself as you try to move forward. You also want to make sure you are pulling your non-striking leg up towards your butt using your hamstring. 

2. Do not heel strike- This can come from having too big of a gate, but focus on landing on the mid-foot or ball of the foot. This allows a much better shift in momentum and helps you continue to move forward and not fight against yourself.

3.Relax your shoulders- it happens all too often. People start running and scrunch up their shoulders and tighten all those muscles around their necks and constricting the air supply that they need. It is important to relax your shoulders, have your arms at around a 90 degree angle at the endow and do not clench your fists. Staying relaxed up top is just as important as what is going on below the waist.

 I am not saying these few tips will help you run a sub 4 hour marathon or a 10 second 100 meter sprint but they will help you improve your running performance. So the next time you see a WOD with running in make sure you work on your technique, it is just as important as working on anything else!

-Two Girls, a Guy, and a CrossFit Box.


We are Open!

After Months of planning, arguing (or negotiating as Kim calls it), destroying and building, we are happy to finally open our doors to the (CrossFit) Community.

Since we began our CrossFit journey our passion has spread like wildfire and we are truly blessed to realize our dream of owning a CrossFit box. Make no mistake, we know the path will not be easy, nor will it be the path of a CrossFit athlete anymore. But our passion for CrossFit, for helping people and coaching them not just to understand the movements and workouts, but also to coach them through moments in their lives is what drives us everyday.

We are not here to reinvent the wheel, we are here to provide the same building blocks that we were provided at the beginning of our journey. The help we have recieved and the friends we have made along the way has been instrumental to us. If we can help someone become happier, stronger and improve their life in just one way we will have accomplished our task.

We would like to say a special thank you to our family and friends who have helped us and guided us through this and so many other stages in our lives that have allowed us to get to this point. Success is not possible without the support of those around you, and we know we are truly standing on the shoulders of giants!

Keep an eye out for our blog posts, and if you like them please feel free to share them.

We hope that you can come and join us for a class, or just stop by and say hi!

-Two Girls, A Guy, and a CrossFit Box!