What The Open Tells Us!


So the Open is over, at least until October. But, rather than just move on and forget all about it lets use these workouts as an analysis of our fitness.

Whether you signed up for the open or not, if you participated in the 5 workouts every Friday for the past 5 weeks then you now have a great overview of your fitness. The Open provides a great balance of workouts for testing. They can go a long way to assessing fitness level, strengths, and weaknesses.

The Open is a test. It is the one time of year where there is not necessarily a set stimulus for the workout. What you and I can do on an open workout is entirely different from Matt Fraser or Tia Claire Toomey.

The first thing we should do is look at the positives. Where did we do well? What movements and workouts were good for us? Then ask, why did we do well at these? How can we maintain and even improve on these?

Then comes the hard part. Then we need to look at the workouts and movements we didn’t perform as well at. We need to look at why and how we can get better at these because the cold hard truth is that we have an area or areas of weakness and we are maybe not quite as fit as we would like to be. And that's ok. What is not ok is making excuses.

We must look at the Open and be willing to accept that it is a spotlight on where we are currently at and that only we can change it if we want to. There should be no:

“the standards were ridiculous”

“well that workout favored short (or tall) people”

“It was hot, or cold, or raining, or humid” (or any other condition outside out control)

You see, fitness doesn’t care. It doesn’t care what the weather is like, where we are at in the world, or that the movement doesn’t suit us. All fitness cares about is our ability to get things done. And that is what the open shows.


If we don’t like how we did on a particular workout, look at why. What movements were in there that tripped us up? If we weren’t happy with any of our open performances then look at our training, our sleep, and our nutrition.

We must look internally because we cannot control external factors. The Open offers this opportunity.

Whether we do CrossFit for health and fitness or to compete, the more well rounded we are as an athlete the more positive impact that will have on our lives. That is what CrossFit does.

Don't look at the Open workouts as a competition against others, look at the Open workout as a competition against yourself. If we are doing CrossFit for health and fitness purposes and our lifestyle choices are impairing our performance in the gym, the chances are that our lifestyle choices are also impairing our performance outside of the gym.

Once we find those workouts or movements we want to improve, connect with a coach on how they can be improved. If the analysis tells us that our lifestyle (sleep, nutrition) choices are impacting our performance then let's make changes.

Joseph TownsendComment