Do What You Don't Like!


One of the hardest things to do is to do something we don’t like doing. In CrossFit, we all have our favorites. Maybe it's Snatching, maybe its Pull-Ups, maybe its the Assault Bike (just kidding!!!).

The difficulty can arise when the movements we don’t like comes up. Guess what, they are usually the ones we don’t like because they are our weaker movements.

So how do we change this? Simply, work at them! Practice them relentlessly and turn them into a strength. Change our perception of these movements. Remember the post last week, our thoughts become our actions.

One thing we should definitely not do is avoid these movements. Don’t avoid days when these movements come up. Don’t accept that we aren’t good at a movement. Do something about it. Learn to love it, and then work at getting better at it. Make a plan for how we are going to get better. Work progressions and develop the fundamentals of the movement. ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK.

One minute decides the outcome of a battle, one hour the success of a campaign, one day the fate of empires
— Alexander Suvorov

Remember, if there are movements we do not have or do not enjoy, they are not just going to miraculously happen in a workout. We are not just going to begin enjoying them. We have to switch our mindset and develop these movements. We can get frustrated with the process, it can be long and grueling. But we cannot become frustrated if we never work at something and just expect it to be there.

We are in control. Our ability to develop and enjoy things is down to us and our perception of them. Look at the things we don’t like and commit to doing them. The reward will be well worth it.