How Hard Do We Push?


Talent is one thing. We all have varying amounts in a vast array of different areas. But one thing we all have is the ability to push and work hard.

How hard do we push in each workout?

Do we push just hard enough to keep up with everyone else? Or do we push to our limits?

Do we feel truly uncomfortable? Or do we just go through the motions?

We cannot control the ability of others. We can only control our ability and how hard we push to improve our ability. We need to get uncomfortable. We need to do it right.

It is difficult to explain the feeling of pushing as hard as you can to anyone else. Most people have never been there. They think they have, or like to believe they have, but they haven’t.


Talent offers us a baseline. But talent alone is ever enough. We can build on talent through hard work but pure talent is not effective without hard work.

Our greatest gains in CrossFit come from our ability to push. We don’t have to be the most talented or do a workout RX. All we have to do is push as hard as we can.

In warm-ups, this means pushing ourselves to get uncomfortable with progressions and developing better quality movements. If we don’t push to do the progressions or warm-ups properly then gaining the movements we want will never happen. In workouts, this means finding the right workout option and rep scheme to maintain quality while pushing ourselves to our limits.

Hard work is the medium at which technique is developed. Nothing is handed to us.

Next time we are in class ask are we working as hard as we can to develop movements? Are we pushing as hard as we can in the Metcon? Is an RX besides our workout more important than developing better quality movements and pushing harder with a workout that works for us?