Tools of Our Trade

Today I am going to start off with a short personal story.

This morning I decided would be a good morning to build our daughter her new bed. My wife took the kids and left the house to give me some time to complete this task, but as soon as she did I realized that I had left my tools at the gym.

I knew that I had a Swiss army knife that has a screwdriver part on it and figure I would try and use this and see how far I could get.

To complete the bed it took me at least 4 times longer to put together than it should have with the appropriate tools. And that got me thinking. Isn’t that the same as CrossFit. Without the appropriate tools, or more specifically our movements and the quality we possess with them, things will take us much longer and our overall performance will suffer.

If we have good movement patterns then all work becomes better quality and easier to perform and when something becomes easier to perform it means we can increase our rep ranges. Every rep that we focus on in each class can be a rep that improves the quality of our toolset.

Our CrossFit tools bags should be forever be improved upon, but we should work to have what we need when we need it. In CrossFit, it is possible to get away with poor quality, inefficiency reps, or even no reps. But if we want to see improvements we should make sure our tools for each workout are exactly what we need them to be to see our fitness reach its peak.

It is possible to put a bed together with a Swiss army knife, but it is much more efficient to work with a screwdriver.

Joseph TownsendComment