Why We Do What We Do!


CrossFit has been a big part of our lives for many years now. We have done some awesome things and met a lot of awesome people. We have also done some terrible things and learned a lot of valuable lessons by doing both of these.

Everything we have learned we work to apply to our classes and our community. Knowledge is a gift that should be spread as much as possible. This is why we believe so much in continuing education. The more knowledge we have the more we can help our community.

What we have learned over the years is what we aim to apply to class every single day. We believe the way we work is best practice and as we continue learning we will continue to refine things to improve.

Each of our one-hour classes is an opportunity for development and growth from a technical, physical, and mental standpoint. Each one hour class is also an opportunity for us as coaches to refine our craft and truly work to help our community improve these aspects.

We believe in spending each hour focused on the workout for that day. Our specific warm-ups are intended to allow us to warm-up for the workout, but also develop solid technique that will benefit us both short and long term. We often hear “I have to save reps for the workout” but for us, this is counterintuitive thinking. Sure, we don't want to do a thousand reps of pull-ups before Fran, but we sure can work to refine technique through solid progressions and reps before we tackle this. We all want to do well at the workouts. We all want our best score. But a failure to develop technique and reps schemes means that we never progress. A workout may not be the time to see how many unbroken toes to bar we can do, but the warm-up can be an opportunity to work on building sets. We use the specific warm-up as an opportunity to build solid foundations.

Each and every progression we do is thought out so that each athlete benefits. Whether we can do 50 pull-ups unbroken or we are just learning to kip, progressions are an opportunity to develop or refine technique. Nobody is immune from improving.

Which leads to our next point. We believe that everybody needs a coach. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google discusses this in a podcast with Tim Ferriss. Eric believed what he did and how he operated was really good and therefore he didn’t need a coach. But the argument he had with his colleague was “do (professional) tennis players have coaches?”. Once this question had been answered with a resounding yes, Eric knew he needed a coach. It is the same in CrossFit. Matt Fraser needs a coach, Tia Claire Toomey needs a coach. Because no matter who we are we can always improve and always get better.

So what is a coach to us?


A coach is someone who focuses on helping those they are serving to get better. They provide both positive and negative feedback to help improve performance and help optimize those they are serving.

A coach is not someone who stands in front of the class and fulfills a checklist of movements and then starts the clock. Ben Bergeron calls this a positional coach, someone who is put in front of the class and the class is told: “this will be your coach today”. A good coach creates buy-in from athletes by providing cues and feedback. A great coach is someone who can see and correct issues in technique and give feedback to correct these issue. Seeing means that as a coach we look at an athlete and see what they are doing and what we can help with. But seeing and correcting means that we not only have to see what is going on, but we also must know how to correct whatever issues are there. This is by far the hardest thing to develop as a coach and something we strive to continue developing. This is what separates CrossFit affiliates. The ability of the coach to see and correct in order to help athletes develop.

This is our goal as an affiliate. There is certainly time to be a cheerleader, but most importantly we want to provide feedback for continual development. We want each person to come into class and receive some little nugget that they can take away with them that can help them.

We are here to serve our community. This is our passion. We want to help all of our members achieve what they wish to achieve. We want to be the most knowledgeable coaches we can be so that even if we don’t know the answer, we know where we can find it. We are an affiliate with the desire to offer the best product in the world. A lofty goal we are aware, but if you are not trying to be the best, and most importantly helping our members be the best, then what are we really in it for?

Joseph TownsendComment