It's Easy to Want, It's Harder to Work!

We all want things. Maybe a new car, maybe a new career, maybe new movements in CrossFit, and maybe even to look good naked!

When we look at these we should realize that all of these are consequences of actions. They are results of work. These opportunities only arise when we put forth the effort.

If we want a new car we have to save for it, or at least be able to make the monthly payments, meaning we earn enough money to do so.

If you want a new career then you have to work to get it. We don’t just suddenly decide one day that we want to do something new and it just happens. We have to put in the work to show that we can do the job we want. We have to learn the process and consistency apply ourselves.

This is especially true in CrossFit. If we want to develop movements or get new movements then we have to put in the work. We must start with progressions, then get one rep, then two, then three, and so on. Development will not happen without commitment. It is easy to want a muscle-up, or handstand push up, it is much harder to work for it.

The same can be said if our goal is to change our body composition (look good naked). It is not just going to happen. We must change our nutritional habits to promote this. Again, that is much easier said than done. Every nutritional choice we make defines the outcome. It’s easy to want to change our body composition, it's much harder to make the choices to change it every single day.

Whatever our goals are we must understand that they are consequences of the actions we take. Nothing just happens. The same reason as to why many lottery winners struggle or go bankrupt is the same reason why not having to work for our goals wouldn’t work. If we have never done anything to get to that point we can never truly appreciate it or we will not be able to deal with it if it comes along.

Everything must be earned.

Joseph TownsendComment