More is Not Always Better...

This topic seems to have come up several times over the past week or so. And it is a vital concept if we are to truly believe in the CrossFit methodology.

More is not always better. More weight, more reps, more volume, more no reps, and especially more ego. None of these are good things.

More quality in what we do, that is better. More intensity in the work that we complete, that is better. The problem is, most are scared of intensity. It’s uncomfortable. We can use doing more weight or reps as a way to get out of having a higher intensity. This is not beneficial.

Whether our goal is to compete or just be fit and healthy, quality of movement and intensity will always trump volume. We can do many things badly, or one thing exceptionally. We will grow more from the latter.

The question we should ask is will it optimize my fitness? What will I benefit most from?

If I lower the weight can I move better and perform faster? If I lower my rep count can I do those reps better, move quicker, and get more overall reps in the workout rather than getting stuck on one movement?

The voice in our head that’s telling us to do more reps or more weight is our ego talking. Tell it to shut the hell up. Try it, Your fitness will thank you.

Joseph TownsendComment