2020 CrossFit Games Open

We should all be excited. The 2020 CrossFit Games Open is upon us, beginning October 10th. It’s like having Christmas twice in one year. This will be the only time this will happen so we need to make the most of it.

The Open is a great opportunity to come together as a community and perform workouts as a test of our fitness. Open workouts are designed a little bit differently than our everyday programming. They are designed to test the fittest on earth to make sure the right people qualify for the CrossFit Games, but they are also there to test us mere mortals and challenge us with approaching workouts a little differently.

In class we always talk about scaling and modifying to get the best workout. This will increase our intensity and in turn our fitness will improve. Nothing does this quite like CrossFit. But once a year when the Open comes up there is an opportunity to test these boundaries and our general rule of thumb during the Open is that if we can (safely) do the RX workout this is a time to test.

The Open is a great time to test fitness and as stated above this year offers two opportunities to do this. Whether you are a competitive junkie or not making ourselves a little uncomfortable allows for growth.

Not only will the Open test us, but it will reveal a lot about us. We will celebrate in other individuals PR’s. We will cheer, shout, and encourage our community to put in their best effort.

Most importantly, we will leave it out on the floor and get a read of where our fitness is at. Then we can set long and short term goals and next October see how we did in the accomplishment of said goals.

The Open is wonderful and we encourage everyone to sign up at www.games.crossfit.com. There is no other fitness group on earth that comes together as a community the way CrossFit does. We are supportive, inclusive, and most importantly we make ourselves exceptionally fit. The Open is an opportunity to express this and everything that CrossFit and our journey stands for.

Joseph TownsendComment