Defining Excellence

Excellence is not a one-time thing. Doing something well once does not make it a skill. A skill must be repeatable and consistently built upon.

In order to establish excellence, it takes an unrelenting obsession with doing things the right way, every single time. It means no shortcuts, never taking the easy way out, and being willing to work on the things that we are not good at and dislike.

Very few people in the world are willing to do this. We look at individuals like Jeff Bezos and see where he is now, as one of the richest men in the world. But we don’t look at the journey he has been on to get there. The determination and grit it takes to build the world's biggest company does not happen overnight. It takes a continuous pursuit of excellence to achieve. This is why when Jeff Bezos created he also created (type it in and see where it takes you).

The problem in this age of social media and YouTube is that now it is easily accessible to watch top athletes and performers complete their best tricks or performances. We can watch a 3-minute video that is compiled of their best efforts. What we do not see is the amount of time it takes to work, practice, and improve to get to this point. Nobody posts that stuff because nobody wants to watch it. It’s not flashy. It’s not cool.

In CrossFit, a lot of us watch the CrossFit Games and see these athletes under the lights and think its cool, which it is. But what we don’t see is the 6 hours a day alone in the gym for 11 months to get to that stage.

Now, we are not saying we all need to spend 6 hours in the gym, that's crazy. But what we are saying is that it's not only the 3, 2, 1, Go when we get better, it's the 30-40 minutes prior to the workout where we get better. We must work on refining technique and trying to improve. Just going through the motions during the warm-up will not make us better. If we want to improve we must focus on every rep and optimize every minute. If you are going to do something, aim to do it well, otherwise, why bother.

Joseph TownsendComment