Movement is something the majority of us do every single day of our lives. We take it for granted when we can get out of bed in the morning, when we walk downstairs and make coffee. But what is movement really? and are we truly in control of our bodies movement?

The video link below is a small insight into the world of Ido Portal, a movement specialist from Israel. The passion and understanding that Ido shows in just this short 6 minute video is enough to make me want to walk around in a handstand all day. If only it were that simple! 

One of the main quotes that I take away when I watch this video, and believe me I watch it often, is:

"If you cannot move your body or control it...Then what business do you have moving other objects?"

What a true statement! If we cannot control our bodies and make them do what we want to do then what right do we have to think we can snatch 300 lb. We (myself definitely included) should all focus on our movement patterns more, on controlling our bodies, and most importantly, enjoying the movements that we can perform with our bodies. If we are not working on mobility then we must begin doing so. This doesn't have to be boring, look at Ido in his video and see how he bounds, how he enjoys and expresses himself through movement whilst at the same time working his mobility. Maybe we will never be able to do deficit freestanding handstands on a box as Ido does, but we can all go a long way to improving our movement patterns before we start trying to move other objects around.

So to answer my question, what is movement? Movement is an expression of yourself as a person. Think about it, when you see someone on the street hunched over, head down, you make a determination that that person is sad or in some form of distress. On the other hand if a person is bounding or skipping down the street you have the perception that this is a happy person. Every time we move we express ourselves, for better or for worse, and as long as we are capable we move every day. So we should work to make our movements as incredible as possible, and as enjoyable as possible.

Ask yourself the question, are you really in control of your bodies movements or do you just move the same way as you always have, without a thought of improvement?

As Ido says at the end of his video "use it, or your gonna lose it!"

-Two Girls, A Guy, and a CrossFit Box 

Joseph TownsendComment