Marginal Gains

Our Marginal Gains program offers 3 tracks to allow you to build strength and increase performance in specific elements that contribute to better overall performance. Our Marginal Gains program allows individuals to focus on weaknesses up to 3 times per week while utilizing time efficiently. 

The goal of Marginal Gains is to improve performance markers by 1% consistently. We are looking for small improvements that contribute to make a big difference in the overall picture. We get better by aggregation of these small increase in performance. 

Tuning the Engine  

So you can lift heavy weight. You can string 20 chest to bar pull-ups together and Strict Handstand Push-ups aren't a problem.

But can you do these elements 10 minutes deep into a metcon, or after 50 calories on the Assault Bike?

Our Tuning The Engine track works on our metabolic conditioning. This is the work that is the least technical, but the easiest to gain if you are willing to go to that deep dark place within your soul.

This work includes, but is not limited to, running, rowing, Assault Bike, double unders, burpees, wall balls, and box jumps. It is the work that will send your heart rate high and your ability to suck it up on these elements will determine the outcome of the majority of workouts.

This track works twice a week and varies in movements each and every workout while also including broad times, interval work, and various rep schemes.


Our strength/weightlifting track focuses on the various lifts that increase strength and technique.

This track is a three day a week track, with generally one day focused on squatting (front, back, overhead), one day focused on Pressing (strict, push press, push jerk, split jerk, bench press), and one day focused on one of the Olympic Lifts (snatch and Clean & Jerk).

These elements will build strength and competency in the lifts and translate to increased performance in workouts.

The squats and presses will be based on percentages of 1RM, with the Olympic lifting working over various domains from touch and go reps to one rep maxes.




Being able to control our body is vital to any other element we work on, as well as been vital to our everyday lives.

Gymnastics for most is the most difficult element, and with the amount of movements this encompasses it is easy to see why. 

Our gymnastics track focuses on pull-ups, chest to bar pull-ups, toes to bar, muscle-ups (bar and ring), and handstand push-ups.

The gymnastics track works on one of these elements each day of the week. Picking three of these to work on each week is the goal. With this, the gymnastics track works across different rep schemes, modalities, and time domains to allow each athlete the opportunity to keep their training constantly varied, but also to allow for execution of these movements across the various rep ranges and time domains that you will be faced with within workouts.


Start with a Plan

Our Marginal Gains is offered at no additional cost for members and can be done within regular class time or open gym. Marginal Gains is a focus on your weakest area. More is not always better. Trying to focus on many elements all at once can lead to burnout and will slow down progress on improving where is needed most.Marginal Gains will help you take the small steps to turn weakness into strength.