Our Box, Our Beliefs

CrossFit is for everyone!

"The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind" -Greg Glassman; Founder of CrossFit

We all have have the ability to move. We all have the choice to make decisions that will positively impact our health and our quality of life.

Here at CrossFit Bearden we offer an environment where each individual can achieve their health and fitness goals within a welcoming community setting.

We offer all-inclusive classes that are open to individuals of any age and any level of fitness. We are here to provide high quality assistance/coaching that enables you to develop both physically and mentally in a positive way, within a fun community environment.

We are passionate about CrossFit! Over the past years we have seen individuals have tremendous results within the community we have been involved with. Our aim is to pass on our knowledge and expertise to people of all ages and all fitness backgrounds.

CrossFit Bearden was started out of passion for community fitness and our goal is to create an all-inclusive environment where goals are reached, challenges are overcome, and quality of life is improved.



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